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Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative - Services and Programs

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Special Education is an integral part of the total framework of education which assists schools in providing an appropriate education to all students within their jurisdiction. As a support system, Special Education provides the unique and specialized resources which enable handicapped students to maximize their potential.

The resources of Special Education can best be visualized as an array of services ranging from specialized institutional schools providing for the severely handicapped to the supportive assistance of consultative help to regular teachers. Currently, Special Education services are provided consistent with the concept of providing for each handicapped student in the least restrictive setting. Assessment, team staffings, individual program plans, and continued parental involvement are all integral parts of the education of handicapped students. Careful professional evaluations of all students suspected to be in need of special services are prerequisite to the development of an individual program plan. The programs provided by Special Education are designed to be harmonious with the needs detailed by that plan.

Governance of Special Education

The activities of the Cooperative are governed by a board composed of the superintendent from each member district. In general, the Cooperative is charged with assisting member district’s special education staff in meeting the laws and regulations set forth by the State of Minnesota and that each handicapped child residing within that district receives an education appropriate for his/her needs. Teacher, both regular and special education, are encouraged to contact the Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative with specific questions about special education.

Services and Programs

Special education programs are provided by the school districts of the Cooperative to meet the needs of all handicapped students. These students may have limitation in intellectual, physical, or emotional domains and are frequently referred to within categorical disability areas.

It is not the disability, however, which dictates the type of educational program appropriate for a student, but rather the learners educational needs dictate the services received by identified handicapped individuals.

To obtain information about a specific program or service area, select a button on the left.

Special Education Assessment Procedures

Assessment is the process of utilizing formal and informal procedures to determine specific areas of a learner's strengths, needs, and eligibility for special education services. In the Paul Bunyan Education Co-op this process is under the direction of the assessment manage, who is often a special education teacher in the student’s school. The assessment should be conducted as close as possible to the natural setting of the student and by school staff. When the needs of the assessment dictate, Co-op personnel will be used. The assessment manager will work with the respective Special Education Coordinator to make arrangements elsewhere if the assessment needs cannot be met within the district.

Related Service Areas

Related Services are services required by the student to meet his/her educational goals. The most common related services types are:

  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • orientation & mobility for students with visual impairments
  • and any others deemed necessary by the Individual Education Plan to enable the student to achieve higher education goals.

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