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Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative - IEIC Program

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Paul Bunyan Interagency Early Intervention
Committee (IEIC)

Serving families in the school Districts of Aitkin – Pillager – Pine River-Backus


The following is an overview of history and function of the Interagency Teams in Minnesota.

Prior to 1986, there were no legal mandates or comprehensive guidelines that spelled out which children could receive special education services; at what ages services should begin; and who should provide appropriate services.

Parents were often not aware of the services available to them, nor how to obtain those services.

Often, young children did not receive services soon enough to prevent more severe problems from developing. Families had no single contact point to assist them in making decisions. There was no coordination of services between agencies. Often plans that were made only considered the child, not the needs of the whole family.

Legal Mandate

In 1986, Public Law 99-457 was passed. Several things were a result of this mandate. This law . . .

  • insures that children with special needs receive services beginning at birth.
  • requires that all agencies involved with the child with special needs and the family work together using a single plan.
  • provides a continuum of services from birth to school age.
  • coordinates agencies to work together. In Minnesota, these are called the Interagency Early Intervention Committees or IEIC.

Parents and representatives from agencies that serve children and families are a part of IEIC’s. (Each committee has its own identity and is responsive to local needs.)

Members of the Paul Bunyan IEIC include representatives from:

a. Families

  • Families of children identified with special needs, past and present up to age 12. (Families receive a small payment for their help)

b. Human Services

  • County Social Services
  • Family Resource Centers
  • Child Care Resource and Referral
  • Private Service Agencies

c. Education

  • School District Special Education Staff
  • Early Childhood Family Education
  • Head Start
  • School Boards

d. Health Services

  • County Public Health / Nursing Services
  • Medical Clinics and Centers
  • Regional and Local Mental Health Agencies
  • Private health care services – occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech/language therapy

e. Financial Aid

  • Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs (MCSHN)
  • County Social Services
  • WIC (Women Infants and Children Program)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • Other local resources

f. Community Agencies/Support

  • Family Centers
  • Child Care / preschool
  • Service Clubs

g. Collaboratives:

  • Mental Health (Aitkin)
  • Family Service (Cass)
  • IEIC’s Two Levels

Level I:

Four general meetings are held throughout the year. All agency administrators and service providers are invited to attend. Parents are involved at this level. New information and ideas for further cooperation between agencies and improving services to families are discussed. Subcommittees have specific tasks that respond to needed changes or modifications. Those sub-committees are:

  • Child find/Outreach
  • Budget/Financial
  • Family Support (Family support requires a parent majority.)

Level II:

Service providers meet in Interagency Review Teams monthly or bi-monthly to discuss, review and evaluate services being provided to children and their families. Issues that have been raised by families are also discussed. These meetings center around individual school district boundaries.

The Paul Bunyan Interagency Early Intervention Committee includes Aitkin & Cass County IEIC’s which serves families who live the school districts of:

  • Aitkin
  • Pillager
  • Pine River-Backus

For more information please Contact:

Pat Wright

218 828-7003

toll free: 1 877 828-7003

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